You and me

5 Maio

Time goes by…
Time flies,
And you waste your time with frivolous things and lying to yourself,
Life won’t wait is up to you!
This is another goodbye for your tricky heart and immature games of seduction and conquest,
Your selfish and empty ways of living,
Your grey world,
And your million of no senses thoughts and theories of conspiracy,
No faith in love and friendship,
Your lack of courage and initiative,
And your superficial interests in hiding what really matters,
The real you.
Beyond lies, surface behaviors, alcool, sex, the “I don’t care” ways when you really do, all the indifference, and “I’m the best”,
You showed me you feel, you care about what no one does.
You began to show me, what you rarilly shows to anyone,
And you gave up.
And that’s over.
When It was just beggining.
And I grow up, found myself, found my peace, my real me. The aromas and places, and freedom, and life, and colours, sounds, lights, peace, tranquility. My soul, my sunshine. And now i have my wings again and I want to see more of the world, dance more and more, grow more and more, invest more in my career in my I.
I’m free and wild again.
Shine and new.
Reboorn, no procrastination of anything.
No problems.
Just life.
Au revoir darling and thank you.
November was really white.



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