Welcome Monday!!!

7 Maio

Another day is beggining so as me.

Everyday is a new life… at least today after having my peace disturbed by a little person that have the power to bother me like no one else… 

Acept your mistakes and move on, don’t ignore your problems because doing it, It’s just like that snow ball’s theory. 

Sometimes the person you care the most is the one that you have to keep away from you because is the one that can hurt you with just one look and the wrong words.

I faced all my problems, stoped ignoring all the things… and you are just the same. You are never wrong, you are the perfect guy that doesn’t make mistakes… you are immature. Just this. 

I’ve growing up, learning with my mistakes and found my peace, and that’s beautiful, and after so ong you are the same.

Some people never change. And that’s an inconvenient truth for many. Some people never change. Accept this and move on.


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